Deaf Dogs of Oregon is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that is committed to educating the public about deaf dogs and promoting deaf dog adoption. It all started when three strangers came together and decided that someone needed to speak on behalf of our deaf canine friends.

Here you will find deaf dogs looking for a home, a forum to connect with other owners, dog-related community events, and educational resources for deaf dog owners. We love hearing from other deaf dog owners, so please feel free to email us anytime.

Our Mission

  • Deaf Dog Education
  • Deaf Dog Advocacy
  • Safe Breeding Advocacy
  • Deaf Dog Owner Support


About Them

Deaf Dogs make some of the most wonderful pets. They tend to be very devoted companions. Typically you find deafness in predominantly white dogs with pink skin and/or blue eyes. It is also common in the Merle color family. Owners of deaf dogs need to work with their dogs a little differently than they would with a hearing dog. Primarily, you will need to establish hand signals for obedience and reliable methods for getting your dog’s attention. You will also need to work on desensitizing your dog to startling. Often you can work with deaf dogs much the same way as you work with hearing dogs. For example, you can train a deaf dog in a standard obedience class with only minor modifications. Fortunately, hearing is of lesser importance to dogs than sight or smell. Deaf dogs ROCK!!